Getting Started

With this quick start guide , you will learn how to use the open source version of Grizzly API.

System Requirements

Grizzly is developed by Spring Boot 2.6 and above , it requires Java 11 or above, mongo 3.6 or above.

Start with Mongo

To start mongo, you can use this docker-compose.yml file :

 version: '3'
        image: mongo:4
            - "27017:27017"        

Let’s start mongo by spinning up the containers using the docker-compose command :

    $ docker-compose up -d

Run your projects

we’re gonna compile, test & package our Java projects using this command :

    $ mvn clean install

We should launch this command in our projects in this order
1- grizzly api common :
2- grizzly api core :
3- grizzly api runtime :
4- grizzly api gateway :

Let’s now start our projects with this command :

    $ mvn spring-boot:run

Also, you can launch your projects with docker using the command:

   $ docker build -t grizzly/grizzly-core .
   $ docker run grizzly/grizzly-core

Then, the FrontEnd of grizzly API is represented by :
1- grizzly api authorization :
2- grizzly api angular :

We can build our projects with this command :

   $ npm install

Let’s now start our projects with this command :

   $ ng serve

The navigate to http://localhost:4500/ for grizzly api authorization and http://localhost:4900/ for grizzly api angular. If you make changes to any of the source files, the application will automatically reload.