Manage Versions

Manage the versioning of your microservice easily

When you create a microservice, a first version 1.0.0 is added automatically, but following the evolution of your microservice you can add other versions and manage them efficiently. All the versions of your microservice as well as their details can be consulted through the microservice details page and more precisely in the versions section.


Add a version

To add a new version of your microservice you can follow these few steps :

new version

The version name should respect the naming convention of SEMVER

When you add a new version, an endpoint group that manages the authentication part is added automatically to this version.

On adding a new version you can add a ZIP file for an earlier version

Version operations

In addition to adding a version, you can delete or edit your existing version through this menu :

edit version

Also , you can export your microservice version in swagger format ( open api ) to use it in several purposes or transfer it .