Quick Start Guide

Once you are connected to the CLI , you will :

  1. Install Grizzly API CLI :
  npm i @codeoncesoftware/grizzly-cli -g
  1. Connect using the api key :
  grizzly config --apikey <your api key>

To display your API KEY :

  grizzly show apikey
  1. Create your first microservice :
  grizzly create microservice --name Demo
  1. Add an endpoint group :
  grizzly add endpointgroup --microservice Demo --name FirstEndpointsGroup

This endpoint group will be added to the last version of your microservice.

  1. Create you first endpoint :
  grizzly create endpoint --microservice Demo --path users --method GET --group FirstEndpointsGroup --collection demo_collection

And now your microservice , is ready to be used .